Chaser Eight is (left to right): Eliav Nachmani - drums,  Pat Walsh - lead guitar, vocals (pat@chasereight dot com),  *AUDRA* - lead vocals, guitar (audra@chasereight dot com),  Brennan DiLernia - bass, vocals,  Aaron Tagliamonte - keyboards, guitar (aaron@chasereight dot com), and Jess Wolfer - backing vocals (photo coming soon!).

Our Story - (It's Long. We did say it was a story.)

(There is, Our (Shorter) Story, but it's not as cool.)

Chaser Eight weaves a tapestry of rock you can wrap yourself in and feel; an infinite circle of visual sound.


You can’t fake it because the music never lies. The creative connections musicians have always surface in their artistry—if the bonds are authentic, the music rings true.

North Haven, Connecticut rock quintet Chaser Eight writes lifestyle music—a soundtrack for ups and downs—because the group’s members live, and have lived, through its songs. Chaser Eight’s songwriting nucleus has a telepathic bond forged from having grown up together. Since they were 10 years old, Chaser Eight vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA*, and guitarist/songwriter Pat Walsh, have nurtured an astonishingly sympathetic artistic partnership.

“We explored music together from such a young age,” says *AUDRA*. “Pat lived two minutes away. It was an easy connection, but we were also willing to put the effort in to develop our music.”

Chaser Eight crafts epic and moody rock that recalls the grandeur of Joan Jett, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, The Killers, and Alanis Morissette. *AUDRA*’s bluesy, richly expressive vocals and Pat’s mesmerizingly textured guitar playing create a unique classic-contemporary union. The melodic, alternative rock outfit released their first studio LP, Chaser Eight, on February 17, 2015. This album is about relatable subject matter - darkness, love, loss, partying, and sex - inviting listeners to connect with the raw, passionate lyrics. International magazine, PopMatters, did an exclusive premiere of their new album and said, “[t]he impressive pipes of frontwoman *AUDRA* make a distinct impression right out of the gate, but the four men who back her are no slouches. The interplay is tight as the band’s ambitions are large.

In 2013, the band made its television debut, performing two songs on WTNH's Connecticut Style Stage 8 and returned to Stage 8 in February 2015 to promote their new self-titled album. The band made their first official licensing placement in January 2014 with the commissioned remake of their song “Road (Indecision)” as the main title for the independent motion picture, Acting Like Adults. Their music has been played on Connecticut radio stations 99.1 WPLR and Radio 104.1 with Radio 104.1 being the official host of their album release party at The Ballroom at The Outer Space in Hamden, Connecticut on February 21, 2015. Chaser Eight has opened for The London Souls and The Radiators and *AUDRA* has worked with The Rolling Stones' iconic former manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, on the production and arrangement of her songs.

The results of Chaser Eight’s creative journey are complimentary writing styles that woven together form a unique sonic tapestry. *AUDRA* pens darkly cathartic tunes exploring heartbreak, and Pat compliments her style with transcendent and uplifting rock. Though Chaser Eight’s songwriting is the work of two people, the band’s sonic identity is the result of five sympathetic musical souls in creative synchronicity. Aaron Tagliamonte’s diversely accomplished musicality on keyboards and guitar enhances Chaser Eight’s tonal paintbrush, fortifying the music with sublime guitar melodies and dreamy keyboard ambience.

The band’s nuanced artistic chemistry is the result of a deep familial bond between Pat and *AUDRA*. Although guitarist/keyboardist does not share in the high school connection, he has a profound spiritual relationship to many members in the band. His joining the band was a natural evolution of the already fluid and kinetic artistry and has now completed the brotherhood-like bond between members.

Their first EP, Late Night Companions, was met with much success and the band started to gain local attention. This pushed them to create and distribute the next two EPs in DIY fashion. The Up and Up EP proved to be a career-making release landing the band gigs at Toad’s Place and Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun. What began as a childhood dream is quickly becoming a reality for Chaser Eight. Their third EP, At the 426, pays homage to their home/recording studio/band clubhouse and was another successful effort gaining them more fans and acclaim.

Their new self-titled LP is sensual, emotional, and gloriously hooky. Pat’s “Lead Me Down” starts off with a jolt of energy and anger, leaving you wondering what could possibly come next. “That’s a song about playing and living in the whole music scene. It’s dangerous and exciting,” he reveals. Popular Canadian music site, TheRevue, says “[t]heir music rocks pretty damn hard. They sound a bit like Sleater-Kinney, thanks to the powerful voice of their lead singer *AUDRA*. However, the rest of the band, guitarist Pat Walsh and keyboardist/guitarist Aaron Tagliamonte give the band a sound that’s as well rounded and polished as some of the most popular rock bands touring this planet.”

The next song, *AUDRA*’s “8 AM,” is breathtaking. It is gorgeously gloomy rock and a perfect follow-up to the lead off track. It’s lush and lonesome. Her vocals smolder with emotionality as she sings about a toxic love affair and her struggle to get through it. Listless but wanting more, she sings: Happiness has left this house/I feel a draft from it as it walks out/Jesus Christ bless this house/There’s a demon here and it won’t get out. “Sometimes lovers leave and it is never easy—you feel like their spirit has been left behind, haunting you.”

“’Major and Minor’ is a total play on words, says *AUDRA*. “It’s about the struggles in life falling within the category of major things and minor things and it’s about how life is really just a song, falling within major and minor keys.”

Following in true party fashion, the anthemic songs like “On Top,” “3 Day Bender,” and “Just Ride” detail nights of debauchery and all around good times; everything goes in these songs. Yet then we are met with the more melancholy and infinite sadness of songs like “To Find Him,” and “Go Home,” and “Moving On.” They are hauntingly heartbreaking and leave the listener with a sense of longing.

And last, but certainly not least on Chaser Eight, is “I Wanna Die.” This has become a staple for the band and is more than just a song. Its intro opens their show and the full song closes their show. It’s their bookend. It’s their opus; a piece that comes in four acts. A song about human temptation, it draws you in and has you singing the chorus after the first listen. It also holds the honor of being the first official music video off this album.

Already playing to popular acclaim in their heavily attended live shows, these new songs exhibit guitarist/songwriter/producer Pat Walsh's acumen across all aspects of music-making and production, and feature *AUDRA*'s powerful and sultry vocals throughout. The band’s unpretentious artfulness has garnered them an impressive show of support from its fan base to continue ahead as professional musicians. Chaser Eight is building upon the success of the band's At the 426, Up and Up, and Late Night Companions EPs and once again demonstrates that this quintet's talent is a force to be reckoned with as they continue their journey in 2018 and beyond. 

So listen and be thrust into their lives. Live as they live: Make it dangerous, get fucked, and bring back the edge.