Chaser Eight is (left to right): Pat Walsh - lead guitar, vocals (pat@chasereight dot com), *AUDRA* - lead vocals, guitar (audra@chasereight dot com), Brennan DiLernia - bass, vocals, and Jess Wolfer - backing vocals (kind of pictured). Todd Ellison - drums (not pictured).

Chaser Eight died.

The original concept of the band Chaser Eight and its essence was pronounced DOA sometime in late 2016. The band’s founding members, singer *AUDRA* and guitarist Pat Walsh, made multiple attempts to resuscitate what it was and what it stood for, but then they realized: fuck it.

Who gives a shit about awards, accolades, and image if you don’t believe in the music you're playing? So, they retreated back to The 981, the practice room akin to Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit-hole, and wrote. And wrote. And wrote.  

What was reborn was a new band that didn’t give a shit about anything, but making an album, nay a song, nay a lyric that resonates with themselves and other people. Now you can climb under the bell jar with *AUDRA* or play with fire with Pat. You can patiently wait for your beautiful lover or escape a dead-end town all alone. The choose is yours.

With the addition of bassist Brennan DiLernia, backup singer Jess Wolfer, and drummer Todd Ellison the conception was complete. A new Chaser Eight has been birthed and it’s thriving.

So sure, Chaser Eight is an alternative rock band from New Haven, CT. But dark rock and heartbreak alternative just makes more sense now.

The name is the same, but everything else has changed. And this fall everyone will get a chance to hear it. The question is, will you be the same afterward, or will you walk away as something new?