It's The Time Of The Season...

Pete says:

Well there you have it folks, summer is over. It’s now time for the cool nights and warm days of autumn. Maybe enjoying a long ride into upstate New York checking out the foliage and stopping for a bite. Possibly some fall golf (and you better keep it out of the rough)! Then again maybe enjoying some music and arts festivals around the state. Or my personal favorite, a long ride on my motorcycle. 

Although summer is great, fall seems to have those ideal temperatures, at least for me. Seasonal change can be more than weather; it can be time for personal change and reflection. It can be time to look back at what you've done; your accomplishments, the fun you've had, the people you've met, and the places you've been. Maybe more importantly than that, it may be time to set some goals, make some changes, and take hold of your destiny. Some people have a five year plan or ten year plan. I’ll stick with a three month, six month, and one year plan. Let’s see how those work out first. I won’t bore you with my list of goals, but we should all have them whether personal, professional, or otherwise.

It’s easy to fall off track when you’re trying to reach these goals to, so having people that can help keep you focused can be the most important element of the goals you set. On occasion the "help" from others may seem harsh or just not so nice, but were all adults here and there is no reason for little kid gloves, right?

Seasonal change is going to be my new self-evaluation time. See where I’m at, what I’m doing, and what adjustments I need to make. I’ve recently had some dear friends suggest some changes that I may have been a little put off by, but after careful evaluation, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Although my 100% may never be others 100% due to many factors including completely different lifestyles, they push to only improve and succeed. 

Maybe I’ve gone off course a little here, but what I’m saying is for me there’s a new rule: When the seasons change, so will I! If it means when things aren't looking up for you that it takes true friends to pick you up and push you in the direction you need to go then that's how it works. Ok, I’m all over the place with this one, but that's just the way it is! Hope you got something from it!

Tis The Season To Be Golfing...Fa La La La La

Pete says:

Ok boys and girls. Tis the season! No, not that one, golf season! You got it: I’m a golfer too. Once it’s warm enough I’m out there hitting the links.

I remember when I was young sneaking out on the golf course that was behind my parents’ house with my friends. We would walk through a patch of woods with a couple of old clubs my friend had and start hacking up the place. Of course, within moments upon stepping foot on there, we were thrown off, but that was all part of the adventure.

I’ve always enjoyed playing and over the years I started to take it more and more seriously. Then about eight to ten years ago, I decided that I wanted to make some real improvements in my game, so I bought a package deal of lessons at a local course. Whoa! What a difference! The changes to my original techniques were so huge and it was almost like starting all over again, but it ended up being the best thing I ever did for my game.

Now, every year I so look forward to my weekends off without gigs. I mean, I look forward to my weekends with Chaser Eight gigs even more, but I love my golf weekends too. Just as much as I love sitting down to the kit with my bandmates, I love getting out to the course with some friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery the course and nature has to offer. There is nothing more relaxing than the warm breeze, fresh air, and serene peace and quiet. Oh, except when you’re playing so bad you’re ready to throw your clubs in the pond!

Every once in a while I’ll even enter into a tournament. A little friendly competition is always fun, but I’m mostly in competition with myself to push to improve my game. So I guess I bring much of the same attitude, drive, and determination to the course as I do behind the kit. Although, occasionally, I go a little too crazy on the course, but like the bumper sticker says: My worse day at the golf course is better than my best day a work!