Simply The Best...Better Than All The Rest

Aaron says:

One thing I've learned in my days on this Earth is that you should never take what you think you know for granted. We all have our talents and aptitudes, but thinking you don’t have to exercise them can leave you short of your full potential. For instance, I've been playing guitar for quite some time, and although I don’t consider myself any sort of virtuoso, I can hold a tune, write a riff, and throw lead down when the time comes. I've been playing with Chaser Eight now for over a year now and have been willingly challenged by the caliber of its creators. Throughout that time, I learned all the songs that I need to know in order to play with the band. Pat and *AUDRA* are great. They write the complete songs then bring them to the rest of the band with all the parts lined up. They also allow some creative input on the individual parts, but for the most part they already have it worked out. We typically practice as a group at least twice a week and a few of us get together for some other smaller creative sessions. It's great to be surrounded by talented and creative musicians. There are certain challenges and standards that need to be considered, but all in all its a rewarding experience. 

Now, getting back to the what you think you know part. I know our songs, I know my parts and we practice all the relative material pretty much every week. We all have our moments and have bad days, but when you want to be at your highest potential, you need to make those bad days good and those wavering moments sparse. Sure, I practice on my own, but when it's go time and I don’t feel I played my best or I didn't live up to my highest potential, I need to practice more. I want to be the best I can be and a little more than that even. I know not to take any of my skill for granted, but it happens. Then there are the moments that remind me and that's when I buckle down and forge on. 

Now that's just one example of not taking things for granted, but it also should encompass all that we do. Another for instance, my day job. For all that don’t know, I am a professional commercial truck driver (yeah the big rigs). I've been doing that for many years as well. Now not to make any of the two topics seem more important than the other, but if I take my driving skills for granted then "Oops, sorry, you're dead." 80,000 lbs of death can happen in an instance. Like I said before, taking these skill for granted can leave you short of your full potential. And I'm sure most of you don’t want me running you down. So in that regard I'm always alert and ready to realize and use the skills I've attained to be the best at what I can do. There are little reminders all over our lives that can realign us to remember that we can always do better. We can and should, always be thankful and aware of our potential. And try our best to live it to the highest levels. So live it up. Keep on trying to find that higher ground. And no matter how good you think you are at something and how much you know. Please don’t take it for granted. We can always get better.