The Spinal Tap Problem

*AUDRA* says:

We would like to welcome our newest member and newest friend to Chaser Eight, Dennis DeMorro a.k.a. Double D! Full disclosure, he has been a part of the band since April, but we've been so busy gigging that we haven't had the chance to officially announce him on the site.

As time goes on and we roll on, band members will come and go. And, as it seems in this band, much like Spinal Tap we keep losing our drummers to things like spontaneous combustion or choking on vomit that isn't theirs. Shit happens. But we hope we get to keep this gem for a long time because not only is he an amazing drummer, he's a damn cool guy to hang out with as well.

So all you Crazy 8s out in the world do us a huge favor and warmly welcome Double D to the Chaser Eight Family!