One from Column B-Sides

Billy (the bassist) says: 

When a band records an album together, there's bound to be extra tracks that won't make the official cut -- these extra songs are usually referred to as b-sides. Take a trip back in history and the terms a-side and b-side actually refer to the two sides of the 78 rpm records (vinyl records, gramophone record, same terms). 

The earliest known double-sided 78 rpm records appeared as early as the 1910's in Europe. The a-side is the actual recording that is expected to be a hit and is on top of the vinyl while the b-side is the song on the flip-side of the vinyl and is usually the "other song." Interesting note, the artist who has the most popular double-sided records in the U.S. Hot 100 is Elvis Presley with 51 records.

Many popular artists release their B-Sides: Nirvana's 1992 Incesticide, Metallica's 1998 Garage Inc., Oasis' 1998 The Masterplan, Pearl Jam's 2003 Lost Dogs. One of my favorite bands is Red Hot Chili Peppers and the band has a history of releasing their B-Sides after their major CD releases.

The band's 2006 double-disc album Stadium Arcadium featured not only 28 songs on the two discs but the band also released an additional nine songs on a "bonus" CD! The two CDs are named Jupiter and Mars while the fans dubbed the bonus tracks as Venus. Much like Stadium Arcadium itself, Venus features a wide-spectrum of styles. Originally RHCP wanted to release all 38 tracks over 3 CDs.

Funny Face ( has an interesting groove, which is provided by bassist Flea. 

Million Miles of Water ( is an upbeat rock song and the chorus becomes a bit melodic with Frusicante's backing vocals and Flea's playing the bass at a higher register. Plus Frusicante's solo has a neat wah effect.

My favorite B-Side from Stadium Arcadium is called I'll Be Your Domino ( This song is straight up funk and features a slick slap bassline by Flea -- he evens adds wah during the second verse. Also, Frusicante chirps in and out with his guitar. I was surprised this song didn't make the album.

RHCP's most recent album, I'm With You, has a large number of B-Sides too. Surprisingly the band recorded 48 songs for I'm With You! 14 made it on the album and the band plans to release (even up to this day!) 17 B-Sides! Six songs are planned for release this month. In a sense, we're getting new music over two years, and you can't complain about that.

So what does this say for Chaser Eight? I've been playing with Pat and *AUDRA* for over nine years and we've written tons and tons of songs together. That's the beauty of music, the magic will always flow and I can predict Chaser Eight B-Sides in the near future!