Ch8commended: Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City

Pat (the guitarist) says:

I just got a chance to check out Vampire Weekend's new album Modern Vampires of The City .  I admired the band's two previous albums, but I really love this one quite a bit. They still have their quirky, Gracelandy, aesthetic but they really have dug a lot deeper than they ever have before.

 Singer/Vocalist Ezra Koenig really comes into his own as a vocalist/lyricist on this record. The tune "Step" in particular is a beautiful blend of words and music that summons the virtuoso wordplay of Andrew Bird or Paul Simon at their best.  On the rocker "Diane Young" (I don't think I have ever heard Vampire Weekend kick this much ass before) he more or less symbolically torches the band's preppy Ivy League image and moves on to deliver some great existential musings: live my life in self-defense, you know I love the past cause I hate suspense.  

Producer Rostam Batmanglij (also the guitarist/keyboardist) has some exceptionally impressive moments, not least of which is the aforementioned "Diane Young" with its exquisite use of extreme auto-tune and dub step snare hits.

 Every Vampire Weekend record seems to have a few Afro-Cuban-meets-harpsichord tunes that usually rub me the wrong way. This time however they sound much more soulful and convincing than they have before. "Ya Hey" in particular is stellar.

I could go on and on, but check out some tracks for yourself.