Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

Pat says:

Every band knows  that  getting a killer music video on Youtube and then racking up a big view count is a must to gain cred in the industry. We took our first steps towards doing that when we shot the music video for "Let It Roll" this weekend. 

We had everything that we needed: the cameras, the live setup, the pool, the kegs, and most importantly the people. Here are a few pics that I managed to snap; not the greatest quality, but you get the point. 

Here is our setup, pool side. Here are the kegs. A little hazy but in the background there are probably about 50 people in this shot. And of course what outside party isn't complete with a visit from the fuzz (they were quite nice to us though). Our video is being produced by Clique Media and will be available in a month or so.