Hot Off the Press: News & Upd8tes

Aaron (the keyboardist) says:

It's been a great summer for Chaser Eight and all of our fans. Great, sold-out shows. Many song and album downloads. And our official video and latest EP, At the 426 . I wanted to share with you all of the coverage we've been featured in online (band interviews, guest blog posts, EP reviews). Going forward, we'll be posting the coverage here as it happens. There's a lot of stuff in here we're very proud of, and hope you enjoy!    (Radio Song Feature)    (At the 426 Review)    (Show Announcement)    (Show Announcement)    (Podcast Feature [13:00])    (At the 426 Review)    (At the 426 Review)    (At the 426 Review)  – New Driven Radio (CRUISIN SHOW Song Feature)    (Podcast Feature [3:25])    (Giveaway Contest)    (Podcast Feature [45:00])    (Podcast Feature [56:00])    (iRadio Feature)    (Pete Feature Story)    (Podcast Featured Artist)    (Pete Feature Story)    (Radio Song Feature)    (Radio Song Feature)    (Sponsored Artist)    (Song Feature)    (Radio Song Feature)    (Pat Guest Blog)    (Blog Interview)    (iRadio Rotation Placement)    (Radio Airplay Blog Link)    (Podcast Feature)    (Pete Feature Story)    (Podcast Feature [56:00])    (Song Feature on August Indie Mix)    (Music Video Feature)    (Music Video Feature)    (Cover Story & *AUDRA* Interview)    (Featured Artist)    (Pat Guest Blog)  (Radio Interview)  (Radio Interview)    (Pete Feature)    (Station ID & Podcast Feature [12:00])    (Performance Feature)    (Featured Artist)   (Up and Up Review)    (Video Feature)    (Video Feature)    (Podcast Featured Artist)  (iRadio Rotation Placement)    (iRadio Rotation Placement)    (Customer Purchase Reviews)    (Featured Artist SoundCloud) (Up and Up Review)    (Customer Purchase Reviews)  (Up and Up Review)  (*AUDRA* Interview)  (Song Feature on Summer Mix)  (Band Review)    (*AUDRA* Feature)    (Band Review)    (Up and Up Review)