Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Chaser Eight says:

We know. We know. It's been forever. But so many cool things have been happening. We have lineup changes. We have new songs. We have headed back into the studio and are planning an EP release for next year. It's all so fun! We promise to update you again soon, but until then enjoy this video taken courtesy of Tom Kaszuba and join us at a live show! Here are our dates: Tour

Songs Are Like Poems, So Here's a Poem

*AUDRA* says:

I've always enjoyed writing. I remember from a very young age writing poems before I even started writing songs. I don't know if they were any good, but that doesn't much matter. It was more about the release. I still write poems to this day. Some situations call for a song and some call for a poem. And in some truly rare cases a situation calls for both. As most of you know, we released a song last year called "Lightning." There was also a big budget music video released for it as well. What you may not know is that "Lightning" was inspired by a real life experience. It wasn't mine. It was one I witnessed between a close friend and a very attractive man. It was a crazy ride and I wasn't even on it! So this is that rare case with a situation inspired more than a song, but also a poem.


Never Again
I’ll never believe in love again. 
Nope, never. 
If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’d feel the same. 
Two people bound by destiny, yet destine to be apart. 
Love shared for mere hours, but a branding on the heart. 
A passion that wakes the soul and opens the senses. 
Seeing love like that, for the first time, through others glances. 
I’ll never believe in love again. 
How can I? 
It’s not meant to send you spiraling. 
Down the rabbit hole you go. 
You’re left
But Lost
Suddenly unwinding. 
I’ll never believe in love again. 
Well, I guess, maybe I will. 
Seeing lovers strike like lightning
What hope it can instill! 
Peace, but agony, to know the touch of the one from the touch of others. 
An unearthly experience to carry through time. 
Worth it just to fleetingly grasp it
To taste it
To relive
I’ll always believe in love. 

He Has Entered The Twilight Zone

Chaser Eight says:

We are so excited to announce the final piece of our Chaser Eight puzzle. We have searched high and low for the perfect fit and we finally found him. Ladies and gentlemen please join us in welcoming our new drummer, Eliav Nachmani. This year is going to be insane. We are getting ready to share so many amazing things with you and we are so glad to have Brennan, our new bassist, and Eliav along for the journey.

Been Lost Dreaming

*AUDRA* says:

On January 27th, 2017 we released our second Naked collection, Been Lost Dreaming. Naked for us means something completely different than it does for most people. Playing off the album art cover from our full length LP, Chaser Eight, we decided to call all our acoustic versions of songs Naked. See, the LP had a picture of a naked side boob on the cover. And when you combine that with people calling acoustic versions of songs the  "stripped down version,'' BOOM, you get Chaser Eight Naked. Our first Naked collection featured four songs from the LP. This Naked collection features three brand new songs.

We are especially excited to release this collection because not only are these songs brand new for our listeners, but we also recorded and produced the entire collection ourselves in our home studio. That's right. After working through the arrangement of the songs and nailing down the ideas, the talented Pat Walsh put on his engineer/producer hat and took to his DAW to bring you what you hear today. So these songs are emotional and have an emotional connection to us.

So we really hope you'll take a listen to the three songs by clicking this link: Been Lost Dreaming

And then you can buy them here: ChaserEight.com or iTunes

Been Lost Dreaming Album Art by Haley Warren

Been Lost Dreaming Album Art by Haley Warren

Bill, I Love You So, I Always Will

Chaser Eight says:

It's the end of an era. Our beloved bassist and friend, Billy Wang, has decided to move on from Chaser Eight and start a life without a bass in his hands. It comes as a great shock to Pat and *AUDRA* as they have been playing in a band with Billy since they were 15 years old. We love Billy very much and wish him all the best in the future. And he better make it to some shows too!

But with the passing of one, comes the joining of another. Everyone please help us in giving our new bassist, Brennan DiLernia, a HUGE Chaser Eight welcome. He is in for one crazy ride and we have a feeling he's going to fit right in. 

Bye, Bill! Hi, Brennan!