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Floating in Outer Space - Surprise! Here is our first release of 2019 and our first release in TWO YEARS! We have some new Naked for your collection. Floating in Outer Space  was released on February 26, 2019, and is our stripped down version of four new songs. So take a listen and you’ll float too!

Been Lost Dreaming - Our first release of 2017 and our second Naked collection. Been Lost Dreaming  was released on January 27, 2017, and is our stripped down version of three brand new songs. From beginning to end it will take you on a journey of longing, anger, and remorse only to leave you lost dreaming yourself.


"Lightning" - The third and final single release of 2016. "Lightning" is a hard-hitting mid-tempo rock song with sudden loud/quiet shifts and passionate lyrics about love and loss. Just like the force of nature it is named after, it crashes in and leaves you wanting more.


"Lift Me Up" - The second of our three singles in 2016. "Lift Me Up" is an up-tempo rock song with some powerful vocals. It is an uplifting love song with many vocal and guitar hooks and can definitely have the power to brighten your saddest of days.


"Step Into The Light" - Our first new music release in 11 months. It's been quite a journey from our last full length album to the creation of our new singles and we couldn't be more excited to share this with you. It's amped up, it's danced up, and it rocked up.


Chaser Eight: Naked - Our fifth album and our first ever acoustic project as a band. Released on August 28, 2015, this is the stripped down version of four songs off our full-length album, Chaser Eight.  It gives the listeners a chance to hear what we and the songs sound like completely Naked. The softer side of Chaser Eight with still all the angst and heartbreak.


Chaser Eight - Our fourth album and our first studio LP, this is our most honest and solid effort to date. Released on February 17, 2015, there is something for everyone on this one. You'll hear all the relatable topics - darkness, love, loss, partying, and sex - inviting listeners to connect with the raw, passionate lyrics. From the first song to the last, this album will bring you on an emotional roller coaster through the mind and lives of Chaser Eight.


This One Summer... - "12 Days Ago" is our second 2014 single release of the season. Still waiting for the release of our upcoming LP in the winter of 2015, we wanted to give *AUDRA* the chance to play her ukulele for y'all! So download the song for free right now by clicking the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the player. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy!


This One Summer... - "Always Be Yours" is our first 2014 summer single release. As we wait for the release of our upcoming LP this winter, we wanted to give everyone a little piece of our summer in the meantime. So download the song for free, roll your windows down, and blast this baby as you're driving in the summer breeze!


Acting Like Adults - "Road (Indecision)" is a single version remake of our original song "Road" that can be found on the Late Night Companions EP. It was commissioned to be the title track from the new independent motion picture, Acting Like Adults. It is a rock song that takes you on the same journey as the film and is the most recent release from us. From rock stars to movie stars, listen to "Road (Indecision)" right now!


At the 426 EP -  Our third EP was released October 1, 2013 and pays homage to our home/recording studio/band clubhouse.  This EP is a series of dichotomies, those best shown by the evolution of the four new original songs showcased on album. Opening with "Never Enough," we help every scorned lover finally get over their relationship. Following up with "One Love," we help the same scorned lover know there's hope for them. "Heart to Heart" accepts that we all have differences, but can we make them work? And "Run, Run" leaves no doubt. And to add to the success of this EP, "One Love" reached 'Featured Artist' fame on ReverbNation!


Up and Up EP - Our second release was described as sensual, emotionally expansive, and gloriously hooky. It boasts bluesy and richly expressive vocals, mesmerizingly textured guitar playing, and a dynamic and imaginative rhythm section. “Take Me Higher” aptly builds and builds, from breezy atmospherics to a soaring, walk-on-clouds chorus. It is truly soulfully uplifting. The breathtaking “Addict” is gorgeously gloomy pop-rock with ominous spaghetti western guitars and a string arrangement that’s both lush and lonesome. The vocals smolder with emotionality as *AUDRA* sings about a toxic love affair with a substance abuser.


Late Night Companions EP - This was our landmark release that started it all. At this point, we were just a duo, but were quickly finding the need for the other three members. Even though this was a modest start for us, it proved to be one that made a lasting mark. "Without Love" was the EP's first single and "Demo 12" is still requested by many today for licensing purposes. Then a pop rock indie style band, we fit nicely into the musical tradition forged by artists like R.E.M. and The Wallflowers. This sound was a tapestry of catchy vocal melodies and infectious guitar hooks woven together by a steadfast drive.

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